our story

Our Story


Obdzon was born from a vision to provide affordable and high-quality automotive diagnostic tools to those entering and experienced in the world of automotive. We didn't want to be 'just another automotive diagnostic tools store'.

The obdzon founders wanted to provide motivation and inspiration for obdzon of all skill levels. We knew that, to achieve this, we needed to speak to people just like you - skilled mechnicians doing the job day in, day out. The people that need, buy and use the diagnostic tool. 


What we found was that automotive diagnosis had a high barrier to entry and it was hard to find reliable brand product for non-professionals. So we set out to find the opportunity to work with the top diagnostic brands in China. 

After years of cooperation, we reached stable cooperation with many manufacturers, such as FOXWELL, LAUNCH,  ANCEL, FCAR, AUTOPHIX, NEXAS, and etc. We have many stores on other different third-party platforms attended trade shows around the world.


Over time, we noticed a problem. Because of the restrictions of third-party platforms, we did not have a store that truly belongs to us, we didn't receive their feedback and hear their thoughts on our products and how we could make them better. 

This was directly in contrast with our original goal, which is to be the automotive diagnostic tools store of choice for mechnicians, be it professionals or someone completely new to the trade.


In 2019, we set out to build the store (autoolsea.com) which truly belongs to us. We remove the barriers between ourselves and our customers to make it simple and affordable for anyone to purchase quality automotive diagnostic tools. However, due to some external reasons, we lost the ownership of the domain name

Therefore, we rebuild our new store (obdzon.com) and we will continue to build a platform to provide affordable and high-quality automotive diagnostic tools for everyone.


OBDZON also wants to ties closer with millions of mechanics or car enthusiasts. So we will share useful knowledge and tips with many mechanics and car enthusiasts through Youtube Channel and Facebook group. 

We encourage everyone to share more diagnostic stories and maintenance tips in the group. Not just buy a tool but also make the diagnostic easier. Welcome to join us!

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